About us

Remote Worker connects employers who live the remote-first approach with experts who prefer to work remotely.
In particular, we want to help startups, entrepreneurs and individuals to find experts with the skills they need

At Remote Worker, job seekers and employers benefit from our multiple categorization options that can be used to tag job offers. This includes the category and the skill-set, but also information about work permits, language skills and time zones. Using these filters help job seekers to find their dream remote job faster and better.

What makes Remote Worker different?

With Remote Worker being mobile- and app- first we are providing an improved experience over the standard website based job pages.

Remote Workers benefit from

  • Better and more meaningful search results
  • Saving search criteria in the mobile app and browser without the need to sign up.
  • Spending less time on searching

Employers benefit from

  • Improved targeting of talent
  • Saving valuable time in the search for suitable candidates
  • Discounted rates for startups, entrepreneurs and individuals
  • Simultaneous publication in partner social community platforms, such as NomadRadar

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